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Plant the seeds foundations for your beautiful brand (aka do this BEFORE you hire a brand designer!


Not sure what you want for your brand and you are all confused about your vision, well The Brand Seedling Guide can plant the seeds for your beautiful brand in the future.  This is the perfect step to take BEFORE you’re ready to hire a brand designer!

Imagine how good it would feel if you knew how to launch your business successfully.


.... A business that attracts your ideal target market from the start.

....  You know your business 'why'.

....  You understand your market.

....  You understand how to be authentic in your business.

.... A business that has a marketing plan and goals set.

.... A business where you have your core values set out.

....  You know how to market your product and service.


All without relying on hope and a nice looking Instagram page to get your sales or clients.

So you have just started up a new business - your dream business! This may be your hobby that you want to make your full-time moneymaker, or maybe you have been let go from your job,  or you just want to work for yourself and be your own boss and not work for 'the man'.  


Maybe you have already started your business and have been struggling to make it work and have the sales and clients roll on in, and forever trying to work out what you're actually doing? You're probably spending hours Googling ‘how to build a business’, reading all guru books, listening to podcasts, joining lots of Facebook business groups, and you're still not sure what is going wrong with your business when you see other boss ladies killing it.

I know creating a business can be hard.  I've been there myself, not knowing what to do when I started my design business 17 years ago.  It was all overwhelming and  I was also scared to make mistakes and I needed to make some money to support my family.   This was before Facebook had changed our lives, so I needed to work it all out myself (no Facebook groups or connecting with other like-minded business ladies, remember adverts in the Yellow Pages thick book or Instagram) and use Google. I knew that I had to work out a business plan and keep updating it to reach more goals.  I wanted my business to succeed as a lot was riding on this.  We had a newborn baby, a large mortgage and we still wanted a life to travel and do things, but most importantly I knew I wanted to work around being a new mum and quality spend time with my daughter with the hours I wanted to set.


So I created my own workbook with my 'why', my ideal client, goals, a marketing strategy and values. 

Within a year I had turned over $100k selling wedding stationery.

How?  Because I had a set-out and strategic


I now run my successful branding and graphic design business - Wild Seed Design - where I help boss ladies with their business branding, marketing and social media, as well as my stationery business.




So if you want to get your business right from the start, 


is definitely for you!

All business owners need to spend some quality time and dive deep into working on their foundations to help them grow, succeed and build connections with their target audience.  Without this, you will be just wasting time with being unsure of what to do next or not understanding the reasons for starting your dream business in the first place.  In a market saturated with so much competition, you also need to be able to show what makes your business unique for your target audience and have them excited to use your services or products. 

So I created this workbook to help new businesses to guide them to get it right the first time.  THE BRAND SEEDLING GUIDE is the steps to create solid foundations about what you want for your business, who your dream clients are, how to brand and how to market your business to this audience to make a more precise brand direction and business focus.  

Your brand is your visual representation of your business, so it’s essential to get it right the first time. So let me guide you to a better marketing and brand strategy.


So if you are ready to take your business to the next level, learn how to harness your voice and authentically express yourself so you can truly connect with and build a long term relationship with your audience, don't waste any more of your precious time researching, buy today to do it right the first time.

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What is inside The Brand Seedling Guide?

Inside this 20 page digital pdf workbook, you will be asked to answer the following points -

1. What is your business?
2. Figure out your why
3. Find your authentic voice
4. About you
5. Who is your ideal client?
6. Understanding your market
7. Work out your brand
8. Social media checklist
9. Creating a professional website
10. Marketing plan
11. Your core values
12. Your business summary

You can either fill in your text on the pdf or print it out and use a pen.

There are many questions per page section for you to dive deep and think about. In the end, you will know your why, your ideal client, your values, marketing plan and so much more to help you with your business.

 All it will take is a weekend of planning...that's it! 

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A brand identity that is designed well can do three things.

1. Gives you the confidence to charge what you want.

2. It attracts your DREAM customers/clients.

3. It will make you STAND OUT and outshine your competitors.

Then you can take all this information you will learn about yourself and your business goals and apply it to your branding to create an amazing business structure that will last for years to come.


Are you ready to launch your business right from the start and have a strategic plan in place?

Have goals set and know who your ideal client is?

Are you ready to make your business succeed?

All you need is The Brand Seedling Guide to help you think about your business vision.

Buy THE BRAND SEEDING GUIDE for only $15.00AU.


When you purchase, you will be directed to add your credit card and you will be emailed the pdf to download.

Terms - As this is a digital product, no refunds will be given. It is for the purchaser only and not to be resold, given away, copied or promoted. ©Wild Seed Design. 

Wild Seed Design does not take responsibility if your business does not succeed. The Brand Seedling Guide is a helpful guide only.

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