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Wild Seed Design
Hey, I'm Kim
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I have stakes in your success, wild woman!

Wild Seed Design

If you were to perform dendrochronology (which is the science of calculating a tree’s age by its growth rings, btw) on my career as a professional brand designer, you’d need all ten fingers and all ten toes to count them … plus some extra digits from a friend.

Which is pretty impressive for a tree, and even handier for a brand designer because it means I’m an absolute pro at getting my hands dirty as I lovingly tend to the tender heart and strategy of your bespoke brand and designs.

I’ve been blessed - before putting a hashtag in front of it was even a thing – with the opportunity to have spent decades collecting knowledge, experience and creative expertise in the graphic design and branding industry.

Which is to say, when it comes to branding and design, I’m a green thumb with a special talent for supporting your small biz to GROW.

Plant with stake
Plant with stake
Dashes grey

‘Cause, real talk: Keeping a succulent alive is one thing. But planting – let alone successfully growing – your own business? That, y’know, means the world to you? (So, like, no pressure or anything. *Cough*)  Seriously, that can succ!

Especially when you’re DIA (Doing It Alone!)

But it doesn’t have to. When it comes to your business, I believe your vision is the seed. And, together, we wanna plant that baby deep and give it ALL the love, care and attention it needs to grow roots and become a forest of beautiful wildflowers.

‘Cause just like you – and your success! -, your brand blooms best when it’s wild and free.

Ready to begin? Grab a choccy for the road, and let’s grow, gorgeous!

Dashes grey 1.png

Did you know bamboo can grow 90cm in a single day?! Phwoar.
Let’s grow your 
success like bamboo, baby!!

Bamboo illustration
Highlight lines 4.png
Highlight lines 5.png
Behind the scenes with your brand botanist

I’ve been a graphic designer (in spirit) since the first week of my year eight graphic design class.

I’ve been a horticulture graphic designer (in every other way) for the over 25 years.

My favourite flower are peonies, and my plant soulmate is the monstera (but I go wild designing, drawing and illustrating alllll the greenery!)

I have ZERO self-control with three things: Plants, stationery, and exclamation marks!!! You can never have too many of any of ‘em, in my opinion.

I’m annoyingly early for everything. I’d rather be an hour early than five minutes late!! (Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you about the exclamation marks!)

I’m an eternal student and am always learning and growing my skills in design, social media and business.


Anything that can help you succeed is a worthy investment for me!

I’ve happily wielded a sledgehammer and thrown myself into renovating houses in the past (I got WAY into it and even studied Interior Design and Decorating for two years!)

I’m a homebody at heart and nothing lights me up more than movie nights with my teenage daughters.

I have lost count of the number of design clients I have worked with over the past 28 years.

Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Leaf 2 green.png
Wild Seed Design plants
My plant babies
Leaf 2 green.png
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