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With over 25 years in the design industry, I’ve worked in all of the roles. Freelance, in-house designer, running my own studio - you name it, I’ve thrived whilst doing it. I founded Wild Seed Design 14 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Floral and botanical design is where my passion lies  and nothing brings me more joy than working with florists, plant stores and social media businesses, wineries and botanical skincare brands (just to name a few!) to grow their businesses through beautiful design.

Here’s some technical stuff you might like to know:    I’ve got a knack for nailing the brief and efficiently managing and executing every project that comes across my desk. I know what my clients need to bloom, and my impeccable eye for detail means that the final piece - whether that’s branding, stationery, packaging, catalogues, advertising and social media - is supplied with love and finesse.  I have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the horticultural  and garden industry as I have also worked for two of the largest horticultural design and print companies in Australia, with nursery clients Australia wide, New Zealand and the USA.


So if you’re looking to join forces with a designer who knows the industry inside out and has a serious passion for plants, then I’d love to work with you! 

  • I wanted to be a graphic designer the first week of graphic design class in Year 8. It set off a real love and passion to be creative as I was always the kid drawing and I was excited that I could have a career designing.

  • I am a single mum to two awesome daughters who are 10 and 13. They inspire me so I can give us the best life possible.

  • I love colour, patterns, shapes, design and art but anything with leaves or pineapples, I will probably buy it!!

  • Stationery; I am the worst at controlling myself lol

  • I love drawing plants on my iPad Pro. It’s always leaves and succulents.

  • I love the range of affordable Kmart homewares (find a woman who doesn't!).

  • I've studied Interior Design and Decorating for 2 years when I was renovating houses.

  • I am always early for everything!

  • I couldn't survive without post-it-notes. It's the only way I stay organised.