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‘The Garden Shed Magazine is a great resource for anyone start up business looking for handy tips, great stories, advice and ideas for design and marketing. I am starting my florist business so it’s been a great starting tool on what I can do.’

Stacey,  Florist shop start up business

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The Garden Shed magazine is a seasonal, digital magazine with design and business tools to help startups.


As a graphic designer, I meet so many businesses who aren't sure what they need to do to make their business dream a reality or they want to take their business to the next level.  So I started up this magazine to help with business advice, ideas, resources and simple ways to help you promote yourself on social media.

In this eleventh issue for Autumn 2022, I have kept the Ultimate Branding Checklist in this issue but updated it to be complete as I have had such great feedback on it.  This checklist gives all the steps to help make your branding be more aligned with your customer niché and your values, and it will also help create a visual brand that will have your dream clients finding you and they will be excited to use your services. Your brand is your visual representation of your business, so it’s really important to get it right the first time.

Also included in this issue, I give tips on how to add pizzazz to your branding and why you need consistent branding.

I also explain file formats so you understand how to use them and I give you explain the branding hierarchy.

So sign up below and download this issue today and stay tuned for the winter issue.



•  The Ultimate Branding Checklist  •  Colour tip
•  Let's make 2022 your year  •  File formats explained
•  Autumn colour palettes   •  Brand visuals checklist  •  Branding hierarchy
•  Why you need consistent branding   •  5 ways to add pizzazz to your branding 

•  Monthly planners  •  Be Your Own Boss   •  and more

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