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– A Beginners Guide in 6 Easy Steps –

This is a basic course only with key points to follow.

What if you could know how to prepare your design and artwork for print and have the knowledge and skills to do it with confidence and professionalism?

Well, with this easy 6 step course, I can show you how.


You have just started your business and money is bloody tight, and you can't afford to hire a professional graphic designer, so you have a crack at designing your artwork yourself. It can't be that hard, you're thinking!!! 

Well, it is all going well, until you need to send your artwork to the printers. You then realise you have no idea what you are doing and don't understand any of the lingo like CMYK, trims and bleed and so many more. Your head is spinning in confusion.

You feel lost because no matter how hard you try, you don't know how to make your artwork print suitable.

You start panicking, thinking how will you get through this and will your design job actually be ok to print.

You know you have got to get this right but it's so much work and all so confusing.

Maybe you have learnt the hard way and already sent your artwork to print, for it to be delivered to you at the incorrect size or the colours are wrong and now you‘re already stuck with 1000 flyers or business cards which look bad and you can’t use.  Plus there's the waste of money and the cost for reprints.


Or perhaps you’re a graphic designer just starting out and you’re wanting to learn some basics to understand print to be helpful for your own business or offer this service to your clients.   I've found that a lot of graphic designers don’t understand the printing process or how to properly set up their artwork files for print.

I totally understand all these feelings.  I would get so nervous about sending artwork to the printer, hoping everything will print perfectly when I first started designing.  You don't want to cost yourself money for reprints. 

So if you feel anxious sending artwork to print, you are definitely not alone.


What if I could show you how to prepare your artwork for printing?

Would this make your life easier as it would save you time trying to work it out yourself and you know it would be done right?

Because print design is my thing!!!

So I want to share my print knowledge with over 25 years experience with you.


  1.   What if I explained what the different colours meant and how to use them?

  2.   What colours are used for printing?

  3.   What if I showed you how to create your artboard to have it at the correct file size?

  4.   What if I explained what low and high resolution is to help with photos and your artwork?

  5.   What if I showed you what raster and vector formats are so you understand what is used in digital and printing?

  6.   What if I explained what crop marks are?

  7.   What if I showed you how to set up your artwork with bleed so it is always correct for printing?

  8.   What if I explained how to make a print pdf that your printer will accept?

  9.   What if you had a checklist that you could refer back to all the time?

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So follow these 6 easy steps in this course and you will have the confidence to be a print queen.

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In this course, you will learn the basic skills and knowledge to set up your design artwork so it can be professionally printed and correct from the start from someone who knows how.


You will receive all the below modules in this course instantly and can work through it at your own pace.



Why use CMYK for print

I explain why CMYK should be used and what happens when you don't use the correct colour formats when designing your artwork.



Creating your artboard

I explain why getting your design foundations correct at the start is important to printing. I also explain how to create a new artboard set up before you start designing.



Low & High Resolution
Raster & Vector Formats

I explain what file formats should be used for professional printing and what the best resolution is for photos and files for printing.


Understanding bleed and crop marks

I explain how to set up your artwork so it is print suitable and what bleed and crop marks/trims are and why they are important.



How to make a print PDF

After your artwork is approved, I explain how to make an artwork pdf correctly so it is print suitable. 



Print ready perfection

I supply a print ready check list so you can refer back to it when required. Follow this and you will be a print guru in no time.

Receive some awesome extras when you purchase this course.

Bonus slides

You will receive all the module slides as a pdf when you complete the ecourse.

Bonus check list pdf

You will receive a print check list as a separate pdf so you can refer to it for each design to print project.

Bonus printer referrals

You will receive a list of print businesses to use within Australia,

Bonus slides symbol.png
Bonus printers symbol.png
Bonus checklist symbol.png
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Bonus material
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You may be feeling some fear of wondering if this is the right course for you. 

I can tell you now, after working in so many design and print businesses and running my own business for over 25 years, learning about printing takes a while and a lot of skills and knowledge.

It takes practice and it will help with your confidence that you know your artwork files are correct every time.

Over the years, I have had print files sent to me in the most... weird, odd and unexplained ways possible!! Most could not even be printed as they didn't think of the next step - printing. 

In this course, I run through all the basic steps to help you do it all yourself from creating your artboard correctly, understanding colours, bleed, trims and how to prepare your print pdf.  Don't let your printer cringe when they receive your 'print file' lol.  

In the end, you will have the confidence to send your artwork to print yourself knowing your printed material will come back exactly how you imagined.


I think that is so rewarding when you get to physically hold your printed marketing material or stationery in your hands that you've spent hours designing. Having a printed product that you created actually in your hands, makes all of your hard work definitely worth it.  I still get so excited when seeing my printed design jobs. 

Hey there, I'm Kim


I have been a professional graphic designer for over 25 years and having worked in the many design and print companies over those years, I learnt very quickly, that I needed to set up the artwork and prepare the artwork file perfectly for the next stage to happen............. the PRINTING!


When I started out in my first design job at a small print business, I would have the prepress guys tell me that this or that was wrong before it hit the press machines, so it saved my butt from being yelled at and costing the company money for reprints and staff time.

When I was at university, we just learnt the basics about printing and so I definitely learnt a lot when I started working and it helped me have a large understanding and love for printing.


In the early years of my own business (over 16 years ago), I would still get nervous about hitting the send on an email with the artwork to the printer, hoping everything will print perfectly as it was then my responsibility if something was wrong.   So if you feel anxious sending artwork to print, you are definitely not alone.


I know the design and print industry inside and out and I want to share my wealth of knowledge to help others so your design projects can be PERFECT!


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Print Guru



  • Do I  require any design experience?
    I will explain how to set up your design artboard in the correct format for printing. I don't teach actual graphic design for your artwork, so some knowledge of designing would be required.
  • Do I need any basic print knowledge?
    No you don't. I will show you the basics to set up your design artwork file to print.
  • When does the course start?
    The moment you purchase, you will have instant access to this course. You can work through the modules at your own pace.
  • Do I need any design programs to complete this course?
    Being a professional graphic designer, I do refer to Adobe programs throughout (Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop). However, the information given would be similar in other design programs. You may have to refer to your program's website that you are using if different to Adobe.
  • How long will the course take?
    This is a short course with basic print detail. There is a welcome page and 6 modules which you can follow to create your own artwork for print.
  • Will I receive print outs of the course?
    Yes! You will receive a pdf of the 6 modules so you can refer to it at any time when you need to set up artwork for print. You will also receive a check list guide and a list of Australian printers that I recommend to use. Keep these on your computer or print it out.
  • Do you teach about paper stock, paper sizes and specialty printing?"
    No I don't. This is a basic couse only. If you want more printing knowledge, I recommend you purchase my next level print courses which are available on my website.
  • How long do I have access to this course for?
    You have access to this course for 120 days from the date of purchase.
  • What if this course isn't helpful to me?
    As this course isn't a workbook where you are required to complete each module with homework and tasks, there is no refunds for this course. Make sure you read what each module includes and see if it will help you and your business before purchasing.

How to Prepare Your Design for Print - A Beginners Guide in 6 Easy Steps - © Wild Seed Design

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