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How to prepare your Design for Print

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A Beginners Guide in 7 Easy Steps - This is a 23 page pdf for you to download and use as a guide. As a professional graphic designer for over 25 years and having worked in the many design and print companies over those years, I learnt very quickly, that I needed to set up the artwork and prepare the artwork file perfectly for the next stage to happen.... the PRINTING! When I was at university, we just learnt the basics about printing and so I definitely learnt a lot when I started working and it helped me have a large understanding and love for printing. I would still get nervous about hitting the send on a print order early in my business and hoping everything will print perfectly. So if you feel anxious sending artwork to print, you are definitely not alone. You're interested in my course because you're most likely worried about how to set up your artwork for print properly and not stuff it up because you're already stuck with 1000 flyers which look bad and you can’t use. Plus the waste of money and the cost for reprints. Or maybe you’re a graphic designer starting out and you’re wanting to learn some basics to understand print to be helpful for your own business or offer this service to your clients. I know the design and print industry inside and out and I want to share my wealth of knowledge to help others so your design projects can be PERFECT! So follow all these 7 steps and you will have the confidence to be a print queen!

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