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Capital Love Letters

(A podcast and blog for Canberra (the bush capital of Australia) showcasing gardening, places to walk and sustainable place to visit for locals and new residents)

Logo Branding / Business Cards / Social Media files - Instagram templates and highlight icons, Facebook profile image and timeline cover.

Lauren wanted branding for her new business which is to promote local business and destinations around Canberra NSW, where she lives to tourists and locals.  She wants to engage with the community members through letters (about the love for Canberra) and interviews, wellbeing coaching, her podcast and give advice on how to live sustainable. 

Lauren had some ideas that she wanted native flowers in her branding and loved the idea of a small envelope. She also loved the low lying mountains of Canberra as well with forest greens, dusty pinks, oranges and yellows. She wanted the branding to be calm, but fun, energised by nature and the environment around while having a friendly, adventurous and inviting approach.

When Lauren saw this concept, she loved it. With a few tweaks with the flowers, it was perfect.

Kind words from Lauren

Kim was great through the whole process of branding Capital Love Letters. She took notes while we Zoomed at the start and was open to my essay long suggestions which were very confusing I imagine! But she knew what my vision was and created an amazing brand in a very short space of time that I will use for years to come. Kim’s experience in the horticulture industry was of paramount importance to me in creating my brand, as she knows flowers and how to get the best out of her clients and their dreams for plant extravaganzas! I was attracted to Wild Seed Design’s website, logo and branding and Kim’s used her talent to create the same for me. Her design skills and communication are second to none and that is why she has built her lady empire to be what it is today. I can’t thank her enough!

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