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Custom Designed Plant Labels, Tags, Seed Packets, Bulb Saddle Cards and Packaging Cards

Plant labels, tags, seed packets and saddle cards provide importantinformation about growing techniques andcare for your individual plant or plant range.They help educate and inform your customers. They are also perfect for representingyour garden nursery by it’s branding.Having your logo and a brand range name is valuable. A beautifully designed range of labels shouldbe eye-catching and stand out in a garden centrewhile also making you different to your competitors.They have the power to influence potential customerson their final buying decision. Contact me to chat about your plant range youwant to promote.

Rosemary Urban Herbs Label cropped.jpg
Zamioculcas Zee Zee Label cropped.jpg
Disney Yates Packets.jpg
Seed Packets Yates.jpg
Cat Nip.jpg
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