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Melissa Wells ~ Health & Wellness Coach

Logo Branding (additional logo versions), Instagram Highlight Icons, Notebooks, Business Cards and Tote Bags

Melissa changed careers in her 40s, and after years of study, she started her own business—Melissa Wells ~ Health & Wellness Coach. She had 'attempted' to create her own logo in Canva but gave up because it didn't look good. She realised she needed a graphic designer so her business looked professional. 

Melissa loved my website and felt a connection with me. She loved I had designed for many other health and wellness businesses and coaches. So, after a few 1:1 Zoom chats with Melissa and her design brief,  I presented her concepts, and she loved this design; with just one minor tweak, it was perfect and what she had envisioned for her new branding.

Kind words from Melissa

“I highly recommend Kim from Wild Seed Design because the moment I read her website, I knew she was the designer for me.  I felt a strong connection with her  and knew she could create a brand I would love. I did give her a challenge, though  - I wanted a person, a flower and my MW initials hidden in the logo, and she nailed it! It's beautiful and I've had so many compliments already.  Your branding skills are amazing, and thank you for all your business advice too. I appreciate it.  Thanks, Kim!”

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