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Amanda Freeman
Healing, Mentoring & Sacred Spaces

Logo Branding, Social Media, Facebook & LinkedIn Covers & Email Signature

Amanda has been in business for a while and knew she needed to update her branding but kept putting it off as it was all too overwhelming and she wasn’t sure what she wanted. 

Amanda helps space-holders, entrepreneurs & creatives to heal and re-connect to their intuition and reclaim all of who they are, in a safe, sacred and supported space – they can regain their clarity, energy, and develop sky-high confidence. She holds space for your transformation – so you can show up fully energised and aligned in your life and work and make powerful, intuitive life and business decisions.

Amanda works holistically with a strong focus on changing the status quo ‘hustle culture’ and really supports her clients to find their own inner alignment and re-connect to their intuition and inner clarity.

So she needed a new logo that really showcases her businesses direction. Amanda wanted it to convey a mix of the mystical and the practical as well as showing trust and professionalism - but also illustrate the nurturing nature of the energetic component of her work - showing clarity, confidence, inner peace, connection, safe, self-love and transformation. 

I created a brand strategy after a few 1:1 Zoom meetings and together using her design brief, I was able to create some logo concepts in a presentation and after a few tweaks, this logo is the one she loved. 

I love how it has all come together and it suits her perfectly. 

Kind words from Amanda

‘I am so grateful to Kim for her help in creating my logo. I've been in business for over 11 years and I was in desperate need of a rebrand - but unsure of how to articulate or create exactly what I wanted. With Kim's help and expertise, I was able to share all about my work and vision - while she created the 'visual' of those and feelings. Magic!  She was open to me collaborating with her and tweaking the ideas until we landed on the perfect result. She was patient, professional and made me feel at ease within what was a very foreign experience for me. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thanks Kim!’

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